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Post  D4bb3r on Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:21 am

Buildings are structures which develop your planets. Each level of each building occupies one field of a planet. For a decent overview what to build in the beginning look at the Quick Start Guide.

Buildings have a base cost in metal, crystal, and deuterium. For most buildings each level of a building doubles the cost:
Cost=base x 2 lvl 1

Mines and other resource generators are treated slightly differently. The costs for the metal mine, solar plant, and Deuterium synthesiser are

base x 1.5 level - 1

the cost for the crystal mine is

base x 1.6 level - 1

and for the fusion reactor

base x 1.8 level - 1

The base time taken to construct a level of a building depends on the amount of metal and crystal that level costs. Construction times are reduced by Robotic Factories and Nanite Factories.

Time(Hours)= metal+crystal
2500 x (1+ robotics factory level) (x2 natite factory level)

It is possible to cancel the production of a building. When it is canceled, the resources that had been subtracted from the planet are given back.

This can be used as a good method for saving resources. It is possible to save resources from plunder by first starting a production and then cancelling it when the danger passes.

Structures on a Planet or Moon can be also deconstructed by clicking on that structure from within the Buildings section.


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