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Fleets and info

Post  D4bb3r on Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:41 am

A Fleet is a group of ships carrying out a single mission together as a single unit. Fleets can be as small as one ship, and is limited only by ships availible and amount of deuterium.

Alternatively, the fleet number in the Statistics view simply means the total number of ships belonging to that player.

Number of Fleets

At the start of the game, you are allowed one fleet at any given time. You may have any number of ships at any number of planets, but only one Fleet traveling or performing a mission at any given time.

Every level of Computer Technology researched adds one more available fleet slot. This allows you to have more active groups of ships at any given time. The number of fleets allowed in action at any one time is determined by the level of the Computer Technology research attained by that player. The number of fleets available to a player is as follows:

* (Level of Computer Technology) + 1 = Number of fleet slots available.


Tasks assigned to fleets are called missions.

Fleets are launched and recalled from the fleet view screen.

Possible mission types:

* Attacking: to raid another player or to crash any fleet stationed at the target.
* Deployment: to station the fleet at another planet.
* Espionage: to spy another player's planet, there must be Espionage Probes in the fleet for this option to be available
* Transport: to send resources from one planet to another.
* Colonization: to send a Colony Ship to an empty planet and establish a colony. A colony ship must be present in the fleet to select this option
* Harvesting: to collect resources from a debris field using Recyclers.
* Destroy: to send Death Stars to destroy a moon.
* Expedition: to send a fleet to outer space (located in the 16th slot).
* ACS Attack: to send a fleet to another planet with another group of players and attack one player. Only in some universes.
* ACS Defend: to send a fleet to another planet occasionally with a group of other players to help with defence. Only in some universes.

All ships in the same fleet will travel at the same Speed, which is the speed of the slowest ship in the fleet.

Fleet activity

All ongoing fleet activities related to your planets are shown in the Overview screen, marked as a star or timer next to your planet in galaxy view.

A star indicates fleet activity within the last 15 minutes on that planet, whether someone else's fleet or yours. After 15 minutes, it changes to a timer counting up to one hour. Activity over an hour old is not shown on the galaxy screen.


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