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Reasearch and info

Post  D4bb3r on Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:45 am

In OGame, the collective name for the group of technologies which are required for construction of buildings, ships and defenses is Research. Each technology has certain prerequisites - a certain level of Research Lab and, possibly, one or more other technologies. Thereafter the only requirement is the availability of resources.

An important thing to note is that the resource cost to research each level of a given technology is twice that of the previous level.

The time taken to research a new level of technology depends on the amount of metal and crystal that particular level costs. Research times are reduced by the level of the planet's Research Lab.

Note that when an Intergalactic Research Network comes into play, the levels of all participating research labs are added up.

It is possible to cancel an ongoing research. When canceled, the resources allocated to that research project are added back to that planet's resource pool.

See Technology for a list of requirements to research each technology.

For all technologies in the table on the right with a useful level other than "All", any upgrade of that technology past the highest useful level does not affect your game performance in any way. Upgrading past this useful level is only good for research saving or improving your technology ranking.


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